Free ICT Consultancy & Audit

At lnterm IT we are very pleased to offer any school our FREE ICT development consultation.

Our highly experienced management team will be able to book a visit to your school, at a convenient time with a relevant member of staff or Governor (including before and after school). We will discuss where the school feels they currently are with ICT and where they would like to be. Our consultant will be able to action an audit of all ICT equipment. This information will be made freely available to the school and used for us to create a report for you to keep.

The report, after discussion with your school, is broken down in to short, medium and long term suggestions for improvement and development. lt is written in plain English, not ‘tech‘ speak, making it accessible to anyone who reads it. In each example we will provide costing and where requested, quotes to assist in your budgeting process. The report will be printed and bound then sent to the school (an electronic copy can also be emailed to a named recipient). Follow-up meetings are welcomed, again, free of charge.

We can help with new builds and school extensions. In the past lnterm IT have worked closely with Mace, Balfour Beatty and Herts County Council both in large and small building projects. On your behalf, we can attend meetings (free of charge) to best represent your schools needs for ICT. We will ensure that everything from network & power outlets to projectors & interactive whiteboards are catered for and located correctly.

We realise with the many options available, you may need to present this report to governors. Our team would be happy to return and discuss the report in more depth, including attending any governors meetings. These consultation meetings form the basis of the trust relationships we have with our schools. We feel they help staff feel comfortable enough to contact us for unbiased advice and assistance with projects.

To ensure continuity, we will look to appoint annual catch-up meetings with your school in order to check the progress the schools have made with their development report. Updated goals for the forthcoming years are added, amended and presented in a new report.

With the above proposed strategies lnterm IT’s’ ICT development consultation could save you money and help take the pressure off from making those big decisions for the future of your network.

Please contact William Andrews on Mobile no 07967 627115 or Email

or ring the office on 01763 272765 for your free consultation.


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