Helpdesk (£50 per month)

The lnterm IT Helpdesk provides schools with a single point of contact for all their curriculum technical needs. We offer online assistance on the full gamut of technical issues and will look to have them resolved facilitate the restoration of normal operational service. The Helpdesk is reactive to your calls as they come but it also provides a very proactive service by resolving and rolling out fixes before the users notices an issue by monitoring your school system daily.

The lnterm IT helpdesk works on the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework which is a global standard for service. this end we will monitor your schools systems daily, checking its health plus backups and antivirus.

Using the above, the lnterm IT helpdesk will improve usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of the schools systems; whilst still maintaining its best value heritage that schools supported by lnterm IT have come to expect and appreciate. 97.2% of all calls made to the lnterm IT Helpdesk were in fact answered by a human voice and not a telephone answering machine and 94% of all calls made to the lnterm IT Helpdesk were resolved the same day.

Regardless of the type of network system your school employs, whether it be Microsoft, Apple,RM, Ranger, Vanilla or Linux, the lnterm IT Helpdesk can support your school.

If you have an RM Community Connect system (CC3 or CC4) our helpdesk, with its highly trained staff, is perfect for you, due to all our helpdesk consultants being trained to RM Masterclass certification. However, should any call require escalation to RM, the lnterm IT Helpdesk is fully supported by RM and as such has a direct line to Enterprise support team. So you can rest safe in the knowledge that the lnterm IT Helpdesk will efficiently resolve all support issues for your school.

lnterm IT Helpdesk has total parity with the Local Authority Service desk. This goes for both the technical quality and the amount of background tasks carried out. All this for less than half the L.A. price (£1261)**

£599 Per annum (Introductory Offer)

IT Support Services