Installation Options

Computer Systems Installs

At lnterm IT, we offer installation services of not only our own server system, but we are also fully accredited RM installers of CC4. Only lnterm IT and SITSS are trained to this level in Hertfordshire. We also can install the basic industry standard server system based around Microsoft’s Server 2008 system also known as ‘vanilla’.

Our own system, K9, is a product that lnterm IT has been working on for quite a few years and is designed with the needs of primary education as its sole is capable of handling small single-form infants to a
4-form primary school effortlessly. lt supports all industry standards from Microsoft and can support any existing hardware you may have.

RM’s system for schools, CC4, is also a very versatile system, more than capable of supporting medium to large schools with a fully managed solution. This would be lnterm IT’s primary recommendation to any school looking at the possibilities of a new system.

lnterm IT has been supporting RM CC3 & CC4 systems from the moment they were offered to schools. lnterm IT are proud to announce that we are finally an equal partner with the Hertfordshire Local Authority traded service, SITSS. This now puts lnterm IT in a position to offer alternative quotes for all manner of RM support to Hertfordshire situation finally brings about some healthy competition for schools (with RM networks) and schools should therefore see a welcome reduction of RM support pricing in Herts.

Managed Wireless & Wired Installs

At lnterm IT we supply and install Managed Wireless systems for use in schools. Our Managed Wireless solution pricing is extremely competitive without losing any quality of service from the product or installation. We also have the provision for wired solution from a simple network socket addition to the wiring of a whole school. We also provide super fast fibre connections to link buildings together. Read More…

Interactive Whiteboard & Projector Installs

lnterm IT has been providing Interactive Whiteboard and Projector installs since they first came onto the education market. We can install either item separately or as a bundle, with bundle pricing providing substantial savings.

IT Support Services