Save Money

At lnterm IT we can assess your contracts and identify areas where you may be able to make savings. In most cases we are able to offer alternative suggestions and castings where these situations occur. Since assessing our schools outgoings with everything from Online Backup to Hardware Maintenance contracts, we believe we have saved many thousands of pounds across the county, annually.

Using the latest technology, your school could benefit from condensing your Admin (or SIMS Database) server onto the same physical server that your curriculum system runs on.If this can be carried out at your school, you could save a 4 figure sum over 4 or 5 years (this period being the expected life of a server).

Benefits of Virtualisation
• Lower running costs: one server- less power & less noise
• Reduced air conditioning running costs, or no air conditioning required at all
• Hardware support contracts;reduced to one server (SIMS Server saving of £189- £750 per annum)
• One backup media to change.Therefore, only one set of media to store and replace
• No noticeable change to the way your system operates
• Less room required- a dedicated server room may not be needed

Maintenance of older hardware with regular support
With our weekly service, we will maintain your PCs, laptops, netbooks and other machines to a professional standard. Our maintenance techniques help extend the life of older equipment,a must in today’s economy.

Additional services we offer that may also help are:

PC Cleaning
The enemy of all computer hardware is heat. With regular cleaning, systems will run cooler,dust free and reduce noise. Not only will this help maintain the life of your equipment but it will also contribute towards a healthier school.

System Upgrades
Older computers often benefit from a simple, and relatively low cost, memory (RAM) upgrade.This helps the computer perform more quickly when opening applications,and reduces start up times.
Typically,this can help extend the life of some machines by up to 24 months.

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