What We Offer

We understand that schools would like to see a significant reduction of the frustration experienced where technical issues are not fixed quickly enough. We realise that outstanding problems can cause teaching staff to lack the confidence to use a schools’ ICT equipment, thus having an impact on teaching. To this end, Interm IT provides cover to ensure that issues are attended to as soon as possible through regular visits, call-outs and  a telephone and remote support option. Emergencies and short notice Ofsted’s are attended to as required.

Interm IT are constantly examining avenues to assist schools who need to save more money on their ICT budget but do not want to compromise on quality or reliability. One example of this is a technology called ‘Virtualisation’. This technology allows a school who has more than one server to collate all servers onto just one server. One server means no more replacing all servers at massive costs, saving money on electric bills, one location for your noisy server, one warranty charge and only one maintenance cost. This can save a sum well in excess of £5000 over the life of a server. Interm IT are trained and certified to install these virtual servers by the company who make the technology.

Reduce contacts where a school feels that they are wasting time and money because they are working with multiple ICT suppliers.

Remove any ties to a fixed term contract.


IT Support Services